Hello to my January Class

What ideas do you have about blogging in your classroom? (click on the word comments to be able to post a comment)

Welcome to Web 2.0!!

Welcome.  I hope to share some new and exciting tools for your own personal learning network as well as to enhance your classroom. Buckle up. The class moves quickly but is so much fun!!!

Web 2.Oh, Yeaahh!!! by Mike Monteiro
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Great Blog Post

As we transition from our Web 1.0 web pages to our new SharePoint collaborative, concise design this is timely. Parents really want one thing, easy access to the information that they need for their kids.
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C C Flickr rocking

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Welcome to My New Web 2.0 Class

It is always exciting to begin a new class. Our Teach 21 program is filled with teachers willing to expand their minds and try new ideas and ways of integrating technology into the Standards!! Each class is unique and brings new ideas to the table!
Remember to Think Different…

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Why Are You Here?

The Next 5000 Days

This is an enlightening video. If you are curious, nervous, enlightened by, in love with, in hate with or apathetic about Web 2.0 watch and listen to this video.

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