As I start to jot down ideas for the Web 2.0 class in the fall, I realize this is going to be a lot to absorb. So far I have listed the following:

  • BLOGS~using Word Press of course. Introducing them to uses and ideas for the classroom, using widgets, how to secure their site and deal with security and privacy, how to find fantastic blogs, how to add their podcast to a blog and more
  • PHOTO/VIDEO Sharing~Using TeacherTube, Google Video, Flickr and Woophy to name a few
  • VIDEO PODCASTING~Creating enhanced podcast and video podcast using Photostory 3 and MovieMaker2.
  • SOCIAL BOOKMARKING~Using FURL and of course the wonderful Delicious if it gets unblocked!
  • RSS FEEDREADERS~ With Internet Explorer 7, Outlook Exchange, Google Reader and Bloglines
  • WIKIS~Using Curriki, PB Wiki and Wikispaces
  • MORE TOOLS including but not limited to i-lighter, gaggle, creative commons, To Do List, RSS Calendars, Jott,, Media Max, Fleck, Snapshots and Slidestory.

Ambitious? yes, but I believe these are tools that can be implemented to help teachers

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