Teach 21 Heroes

I spent some quality time in the schools last week and was just blown away with what is going on in the Teach 21 classrooms
Here are just a few cool things I observed:

  • Mrs. Millers Kindergarten Class
    These students love their whiteboard! Mrs. Miller is a master at managing her class as shown by the students going through the “drive-thru” to pick up their “eggs” (aka voting devices!) They proceeded to review reading skills and even a brand new student who had never even see an “egg” immediately joined in.
  • Mrs. Crews Second Grade Class
    These students are using technology to the MAX!! They are working on a project for World Hunger and were finalizing their projects

    • They were editing their webpages with information on world hunger
    • Another group had created posters and taken digital pictures of them.
    • They posted their posters on a Blog through iearn.org.
    • A group of students were “in the studio” (actually a small teacher work room) recording their podcast on world hunger
    • They were posting comments on the blog
    • Cindy pulled up the blog and read the comments from people around the world, India and New York to name a couple
    • They were video taping to create a digital story about world hunger
    • Oh and they were using e-cards and sending them to their epal
      There was something for every learning style!!
  • Mrs. Page First Grade Class
    Student were BEGGING to go up to the board and solve fraction problems!! No comment necessary!
  • Mr. Akins Senior AP Biology Class
    These students were presenting their very own Smart notebooks and teaching the class on different topics. The digital natives thought process were woven throughout a very creative lesson on “Circulatory Systems” They used backgrounds from such well known websites as “Google, Wikipedia, Britannica Online and Google Maps” with their own research information. The most creative was the Google Maps section showing the heart and circulatory system as a map complete with directions!
  • Mrs Hall’s AIM class
    The students were producing and recording Podcasts as a culmination of their research on a variety of topics. Other students were making final edits on their video production complete with narration.
  • Mrs. Miles and Mrs Green’s Class
    Students were lined up and jumping up and down to have a chance to SOLVE MULTIPLICATION PROBLEMS!!! How crazy is that?!!! I love it!

Several points were true for all of the classes that I visited.

  1. Students were engaged
  2. Teachers are using technology in many creative ways
  3. I saw no behavior issues. More than one teacher commented that students who had previously had issues in this area had made remarkable improvement. (THEY ARE ENGAGED!!!)
  4. This one really stands out to me: Even when a student was unsure of an answer, they STILL wanted to go to the board to try to work it out. (I think back to when I was in school and would close my eyes so I could become “invisible” when I did not know the answer!!)

Kudos to the Teach 21 teachers and all of their students as they truly become classrooms of the 21st Century!! 

5 thoughts on “Teach 21 Heroes

  1. I love the title you gave this blog – Teach21 Heroes! These teachers are stepping out and taking chances using new technologies with their students. The most adventurous are daring to allow the students to use the technology. It is rewarding to see the excitment in these classrooms!

  2. Love the blog!!!

    You know the biggest thing most teachers need is time. Last summer I offered a 2 day “class” for 1 PLU where I facillitated and helped as people worked to set up plans for their use of technology in the coming year. May offer it again. Lots of collaboration, ideas, etc…People loved the time with no other burdens…grades, lesson plans, SST…

    If each zone offered a class like this with a facillitaor to keep folks on task and it was offered one or two a week before preplanning I think it would really attract folks to begin setting up these activities you are highlighting.

    Just causing more trouble!


  3. You’ve grabbed my interest, and now I will see if I can take your summer class!
    I certainly agree with Clay that “time is of the essence” ~ Summer is a great time for classes, but a short class in pre-planning is another good idea.

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