Web 2.0 is WILD!

Class was awesome, don’t forget your assignments!

1.    Install your delicious  buttons. Click Here
Continue to TAG your favorites and even consider importing your windows favorites.
3.    Email me the link to your Del.icio.us account. Here is mine http://del.icio.us/sandiadams
BLOG something!! Here is mine https://sandiadams.wordpress.com/
5.    Email me the web address of your Word Press site
6.    Locate that .xml file you created in FeedforAll for the podcast.
7.    I am working on the question about username and password but I believe it will be the same as your log in now.
8.    Brainstorm your idea for a short photostory3 movie that we will create next week and add to the feed.
9.  Make sure to have 8-10 photos in your home directory for your movie, hopefully related to a lesson.

Tell me what do you think about this class?

5 thoughts on “Web 2.0 is WILD!

  1. Although i wrote you an email raving about the class….I guess that is old school. So here, for the world: “Sandi Adams is an inspiring and an inspired teacher!!”
    Seriously, I appreciate all the time you have spent organizing this. The Sharepoint site is so well organized..and you are right we can be busy reading all the links on Day 1 until next week.

  2. I have set up 6 blogs, 5 for my capstone, (actually 8, but two don’t count!). I think that I have it down now. I have not been notified by email about the comment that you posted on my blog (global warming). When I check the blog it’s there and I have tried to “OK” it but nothing happens.
    This class is awesome. Just to let you know, I was at a workshop and they tried to teach podcasting and got everybody so confused that I am sure that nobody will be trying it. You did such a good job- can’t wait to vodcast!

  3. I have shown my blog pages to my classes and am anxiously awaiting their comments. I spent several hours on the computer after class last week and am sure I will be just as addicted to what you show us next.

  4. This class is pushing me to integrate more of the teachnology into my classroom. The student really enjoy the technology. I have also found a positive in one of my toughest students. He is now my class photographer. Last week we were able to take photos of career day, and I built a movie with his photos. Now the school wants the movie! I can’t wait to post my movie to my own blog. ’til next time.

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