The Flip!

I have to share with you news about  The Flip camera, a new inexpensive and small video camera.  I bought one of these for my kids at Christmas and have since added it to my Technology toolbox.The Flip camera connected to a laptop computer
Flip Video Ultra (60 minutes, black) Digital Camcorder reviews – CNET Reviews:
At the time of this writing, the best selling camcorder at isn’t a model from Sony, Canon, or Panasonic. It happens to be the Flip Video Ultra, the third iteration of Pure Digital Technologies’ simple plug-and-play video camera that features a hideaway USB connector and built-in software that makes viewing and sharing your videos incredibly easy.

It comes in colors, and it ranges in price from $149 to $179*.  The best thing about it is a retractable USB plug, so you simply plug the camera into your Mac or PC, and you’re moving the video file to your machine for further enhancement.

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Image Citation:
Werker, Kim Piper. “KPWerker’s Photostream.” Flip Video. We call it Jackson.. 25 Oct 2007. 20 Jan 2008 <;.

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