From my buddy Buffy Hamilton!
We all know how cumbersome it is sometimes to work with screenshots when we are creating screencasts or handouts as part of a tutorial or “help” resource.  You have to use the “alt” and “print screen” keys to capture the image; then, you have to use some kind of photo editing application to edit and clean up your screenshot.

Labor no more!  Kwoutis a free and cool new tool that debuted in December 2007 that allows users to capture screenshots with ease; furthermore, you can embed that screenshot into your webpage or blog.   You can even embed the image into Flickr!

Meda Montana Hallyburton Brendall: Veterans History Project (Library of Congress via kwout

There is also now a “My Kwout” feature.  What does this do?  In the words of the “about” page, “My Kwout”:

“my kwout” is a collection of the sources that you quoted via kwout. With “my kwout”, you can share with your friends what you are/were interested in. You can also use it as like your online bookmarks.

Please note that “my kwout” doesn’t show a source until you post the quotation to your website/blog except Flickr, SNS (such as MySpace and Facebook) and other private sites.

The latest quotations may not be shown for a while. We update “my kwout” pages periodically, once a day or more often.

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